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Wayne Corso的照片

Wayne Corso(總教師)

Wayne Corso (Chief Instructor)

Wayne Corso has and continues to train with Master Wong, intensively in Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung Fu as well as Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.  He has gained the skill and trust required of Master Wong to be honored with the responsibility of passing on knowledge of the system to the next generation of Martial Artists.  

“Many years ago, when I first got involved in Martial Arts, all I knew was what I had seen in movies.  I was lucky to have found a school and a teacher that retained the true meaning of traditional martial arts training and focused on key principles that have always been important to me and my family: Morality, Humility, Integrity, and Kindness. 

I vowed to try my hardest to get the most out of my experience at the Tai Chi Mantis Institute, and both Sifu and my brother/sister students at the school appreciated my efforts.  I watched as Martial arts in general and the Tai chi Praying Mantis system in particular became Sifu’s vehicle to teach his students how to become better, stronger people both physically and mentally.  Isn’t that simple?  As students, the principles we learn are not only practiced in class, but reach outside of the school to be applied to all facets of our lives. 

Immediately upon joining the school, each student becomes a living work in progress that represents the school and our Sifu to the rest of the world. This encourages the student to think about the principles we learn in class at all times and helps them to make their training a way of life rather than just a past time.  Not only are we students, but also by setting examples in a humble way, we carry on the teachings of our Sifu and the Tai Chi Praying Mantis system. 

I got my family involved, and especially my children so that they could have a peer group that reinforced good strong principles rather than poor behavior.  Our time in class proved to be a refuge from poor influences to which the children were exposed at school and through the media.  As a parent, and student at the school I was also challenged with setting an example for my children and others in the school, so that my kids saw multiple 
examples of how the principles of the school were applied and how they fit in as both students who respected others but also felt the burden of responsibility as they were expected to set examples for others who joined the class.  You can see and feel the positive energy that the children exhibit from practicing and it is noticeable to others when they stand out among their peers.   

The Traditional setting of the school emphasizes that learning is a privilege and advancement in the system is gained by hard work and concentration, not just by paying your tuition.  Seniority in the school is respected and carries the responsibility of modeling appropriate behavior and performance in class, thus every member of the school, regardless of their seniority plays an important and strong role in the school as a whole.  The process of 
learning then becomes most important, not how much you know, and rewards are internal and more often come from the satisfaction of helping or positively influencing a fellow student rather than from winning some trophy. 

I am honored to be helping Sifu and the school to carry on the art, and while I am continuing to learn, pass on important principles and skills to another generation of students, and thus make a positive impact on our society.”

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