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Tai Chi Mantis Institute 

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All uniform items may be purchased at the Institute at the prices listed below. 
We recommend wearing black thin-soled canvas shoes to aid in establishing proper practice technique and stability.​



Rules of Etiquette

Tradition and etiquette are our links to the spiritual heritage of our system.  This is a brief explanation of proper behavior for students in the Tai Chi Mantis Institute.  
By observing these simple rules, we show respect for our SiFu, SiGong and all past SiFus who have developed our system.

1.    Bow upon entering or leaving the classroom.  This shows respect for all those who have practiced this art before you and whose efforts have kept our system alive so that            you have the opportunity to learn.

2.    Students should line up for class in order of seniority, senior students to the front and left.  Students who come in late should line up at the back of the class and take their            place when told by the class leader.

3.    SiFu or an instructor will start class, at which time; all students will bow to the leader, who will return their bow.

4.    Whenever SiFu Wong enters the school, the class leader will stop the class, have everyone face SiFu and bow.

5.    In class you may be asked to teach or correct another student.  Do not correct anyone, in class or out, without the direction of SiFu or an instructor.  Practice what you have 
       learned and follow the class.

6.    Whenever a senior student works with you, thank him/her and bow.

7.    Do not attempt to correct a senior student, even if you think he/she is wrong.  This means you are assuming SiFu’s place.  You not only offend the senior student but also 
       demonstrate disrespect and ego to your classmates.

8.    If you must leave before the end of class, ask permission of your group leader, find SiFu and bow to him.

9.    The proper attire for class is the official Logo shirt (long or short-sleeved), loose black pants, black socks and thin-soled shoes (See below).  A plain black sweatshirt is 
       permissible. Do not wear jewelry to class.

10.   Please come to scheduled class on time, ready to practice and use the front entrance.  Notify SiFu or an instructor in person or via phone message in advance 
        if you will be absent. 

11.   Do not chew gum or candy in the classroom.

NOTE:  The school runs best when students pay their monthly dues on time (regardless of attendance).  Please deposit your payment in the payment box on the 
first meeting of every month.