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Photo of SiGong gifted to SiFu Wong, June 19, 1974



Photo of SiGong demonstrating Mantis-style martial arts

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師公  趙竹溪 

The key figure in the modern development of our system was SiGong Chiu Chuk Kai. He was noted across the globe for his martial arts prowess. Si-Gong strove for more than 60 years to develop the System through the culmination of his personal expertise in physical development, self-defense, Tai Chi chuan, and Chinese medicine. These efforts, plus the loyalty of his students, have resulted in one of the few "complete" systems of martial arts remaining in the world today. 

Those students of SiGong whom he encouraged to become Shi-Fu's themselves were strongly impressed with the need to continue the traditions he has set forth. Examples of his legacy -- including strict training-room etiquette and simple, all-black uniforms -- continue today in most of the descendant schools.

The Tai Chi Mantis Institute, SiFu Wong and all descendant students strive to honor the teachings of SiGong Chiu Chuk Kai and the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Grandmaster (SiGong) Chiu Chuk Kai 

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