1. To promote, practice and uphold the teachings of Grandmaster Chiu Chuk Kai and Master Wong Lam Ling in traditional Chinese Tai Chi, Qi-gong and Kung Fu for the purpose of improving our 

    mental and physical well-being, as well as the well-being of others.

2. To honor and commemorate the legacy of our predecessors, their teachings and the philosophies of Chinese martial arts.

3. To show humility in our practice of martial arts, as well as respect to our predecessors, fellow students and ourselves.

4. To serve our local and greater community by showing good citizenship, as well as welcoming all who seek to truly learn from our school, regardless of age, gender and background.

The Tai Chi Mantis Institute was founded by Master Wong Lam Ling, an eighth generation disciple of Grandmaster Chiu Chuk Kai and the Tai Chi Praying Mantis Martial Arts. We strive to educate and promote the techniques of traditional Chinese martial arts. We are committed to creating an encouraging and safe environment that welcomes all students who seek to learn and incorporate the practice of Tai Chi and Qi-gong into their daily lives, with an emphasis in improving mental and physical health. Master Wong promotes a disciplined and rigorous practice that upholds thousands of years of traditional Chinese martial arts philosophies and techniques. 


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